Living in the Green

Living in the Green

Living in the Green is a training partnership opportunity between Episcopal dioceses and the Beecken Center of the School of Theology at the University of the South. Its practices are based in a sophisticated biblical understanding of the dynamics and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Living in the Green has been intentionally designed to support any group needing to infuse their particular sphere of ministry with renewed vitality, commitment, clarity of direction, freshness, and a sense of being made new through the faithful living of their call.

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Training is experiential and equips participants to facilitate and adaptably design Living in the Green tools for their contexts. At the same time participants are learning these powerful new skills, they are also being spiritually renewed and readied to re-engage their roles as church leaders with positivity, imagination, and passion.

Living in the Green circles equip laity and clergy with tools for discerning new calls, energizing leadership, and freeing entrepreneurial groups to launch thriving ministries. The Living in the Green framework values all participants as agents of formation and transformation and supports the leadership development of every community member.

Who is practicing Living in the Green?

  • Dioceses searching for a framework for mutual ministry in small churches with part-time clergy.
  • Dioceses wishing to deepen the spiritual friendships between its members to lay a foundation for more engaged and fulfilling ministries.
  • Dioceses needing effective pastoral methods for combining small congregations and imagining new forms of church.
  • Dioceses wishing to empower young adults to design and launch their own ministry initiatives.
  • Dioceses reimaging all church meetings as seats of transformation.


“Living in the Green is a fulfilling experience. It builds a community of peers that can accomplish more together than they ever could individually and allows them to let go of preconceived ideas and constraints to access a well of creativity and hopefulness. The tools acquired can be used and adapted for small and large-group settings where difficult subjects can be addressed and ways forward can be designed.”
The Rev. Jennifer King Daugherty
Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral
Seattle, WA

“I can’t lead others on a journey that I have not been on myself. My participation in Living in the Green introduced me to a set of tools and practices that allowed me to enter more fully into the journey of discovering God’s call in my life and in my ministry. Having experienced these tools and practices from Living in the Green, I can now use them to invite and lead others on this same life-changing journey.”
The Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner
Founder, Living Compass

Living in the Green’s exciting participatory approaches help us reach out to each other as well as to a re-imagined mission of the Church as a living embodiment of Spirit in action. This beautiful program is a heartfelt and powerful invitation to live our faith in ways that nourish our souls and, at the same time, contribute to the health and well being of the larger communities in which we live and work. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to participate.”
Juanita Brown, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, The World Café

To discuss the terms of a Living in the Green partnership, and for more information on where to experience Living in the Green, please contact:

James Goodmann
Associate Director of the Beecken Center