The Faith Farm & Food Network

Two annual meetings of the new Faith Farm & Food Network have been held at The Beecken Center of The School of Theology at Sewanee with participants learning, sharing and growing the network.

The Faith Farm & Food network is now surveying parishes to gather information about food, garden and farming ministries within the Episcopal Church. Are you doing work in this area? Please take the survey and add your information to our database by clicking here.

The following statement has evolved from those discussions.

Faith Farm & Food Purpose Statement

We are a network of Episcopalians cultivating resilient communities through gardening and agriculture. We envision and work to create a more just and sustainable food system which reflects the abundance and grace of God.

By building a network of relationships and shared practices among Episcopalians who grow and share food, we aim to:

  • Support and encourage emerging food and agriculture ministries
  • Provide ways to organize for common work and mobilize resources for mission
  • Share knowledge and develop “best practices” for starting and sustaining agrarian ministries
  • Connect and advance food-related ministries throughout the church
  • Proclaim the gospel as the church in the world for the sake of all creation

We believe this work has the potential to renew the organized church by integrating faith and practice as a way of life.

We know that we hold in trust a tradition with resources to share for the sake of God’s mission of reconciliation which offers hope for all creation.

We pray for the wisdom and courage to proclaim Christ’s way of love and tend earth which God called “good.”

For more information, contact the Faith Farm & Food steering committee here.

Scenes from the Nov. 2014 event at Sewanee