Progoff Intensive Journal Workshop

Progoff Intensive Journal Workshop, Sewanee, Tennessee, Oct. 2017

Rarely do we set aside time apart from distractions to think and explore deeply, to step away and reflect, or to discover our inner wisdom. The Progoff Intensive Journal® method is a powerful tool for diving deep into oneself to achieve profound self-development and growth.

Join us at the DuBose Conference Center this October–November as we explore this method and work toward generating creativity, imagination, and purpose through an integrated system of writing exercises. You will gain insight into many different dimensions of your life, including personal relationships, career, health, your dreams, and life’s meaning.

Though the workshop will be conducted in a group setting, you will work in total privacy. Your facilitator will help to guide you through the process in a non-judgmental, supportive, and low-key manner. However, the presence of others, each working privately, will create a silent energy of support that is not felt when working alone at home.

This workshop is presented without dogma: people of all different backgrounds, interests, and faiths are welcome.  

The workshop is divided into three modules. If you wish, you may register for only one of the modules, or only Modules I & II, or Modules II & III..

Module 1: Life Context (LC) Workshop, Gaining a Perspective on Life

Module I (Sunday and Monday) introduces the Progoff™ method and covers about half the exercises in the Intensive Journal workbook. You will develop an inner perspective and gain greater awareness of major areas of your life, and the dialogue process will provide a unique way to gain feedback and momentum toward a deeper understanding of these areas.

Module 2: Depth Contact (DC) Workshop, Symbolic Images and Meaning in Life

Module II (Tuesday and Wednesday) will deepen your experience as you focus on the exercises in the second half of the Intensive Journal workbook. You will learn how to use Progoff's unique non-analytical method to draw forth messages from your inner symbolic experiences, which can provide important insight into your unfolding life process. You will explore past experiences that had significant meaning, gain insights into your ultimate concerns, and explore major themes in your life.

Module 3: Life Integration (LI) Workshop, Integrating the Life Process

(Thursday & Friday) Experience the cumulative dynamic process created from working with material in one workbook section and how it can lead to entries in other related areas. This progressively deepening process generates an inner momentum and energy as you apply Progoff's non-analytical Journal Feedback techniques. Your workbook becomes an active instrument as you approach situations from different perspectives. New awareness and growth become possible as you realize connections between diverse areas. You are drawing your unfolding life process forward as you move toward greater wholeness and integration. 

The Progoff method, once absorbed, will always be available to you. Working through these three modules will introduce you to a soulful and practical companion for working through issues and transitions, but more importantly, for access to deep creative resources that live within you. This method also helps you to access life events and questions with an effectiveness that overcomes inveterate tendencies to be overly analytical or diagnostic. It is a genuinely contemplative, meditative process that cultivates deep inner reflection.

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Who Should Attend

The Intensive Journal program is suitable for anyone who wants to lead a more meaningful life. You don't have to like to write or be a "good writer." The goal is to better know yourself so that over time, you can work through issues that arise. People have used the Intensive Journal program to cope with major transitions such as retirement, personal relationships, and career change; and major personal issues such as bereavement, the emotional aspects of health issues, sexual identity, and spirituality. Professionals of all sorts have also found this program invaluable. Chaplains, ministers, life coaches, nurses, social workers, spiritual directors, teachers, therapists, and writers are encouraged to attend.

This Intensive Journal retreat can count as Alternate Mentor Training for Education for Ministry (EfM) mentors. Requirements for Alternate Mentor Training include having completed two Foundations Trainings (formerly Basic/In-Service), being "Formation ready," not having completed another Alternate Training within the last three trainings, and not needing to go back to Foundations after three Formations. To receive Alternate Training credit, you must sign up for at least two modules. Contact Elsa Bakkum, EfM Assistant Director for Training, at for Alternate Training credit.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

CEUs from the Beecken Center are available. The following organizations are also eligible for CEUs through Dialogue House (11 contact hours per workshop):

  • Association of Social Work Boards (#1036)
  • National Association of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors (#456)
  • Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Mental Health Counseling (50-14644, exp. 3/31/19)
  • Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (197.000213)
  • California Board of Registered Nursing (CEP-15073)
  • Ohio Board of Nursing - other state approvals recognized, call for details
  • Employee Assistance Certification Commission - 3 hour presentation and 10 and 12 hour modules approved.

Workshop Leader Jo Ann Koltyk, PhD

Jo Ann Koltyk completed her doctorate in Anthropology and Ethnomusicology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is an independent scholar, published writer, educator, piano teacher, and spiritual director. She completed the Jungian Studies Program at the CG Jung Institute of Chicago, and is director of the training program for leaders to conduct Intensive Journal workshops.

Koltyk is an organist at All Saints Anglican Church in Janesville, Wisconsin.

For more information on the Intensive Journal program, see

Ira Progoff, Ph.D developed pioneering theories of human development that he then implemented in a practical system, the Intensive Journal method. Since then, the Intensive Journal program has been offered internationally under the auspices of Dialogue House Associates, the headquarters for the work of Dr. Progoff. Through its certified facilitators, the Intensive Journal program has helped thousands of people develop more meaningful lives.

"The experience of recognition that will come to you will be very much like learning to play a musical instrument. After slow and stumbling beginnings, you will suddenly realize that you now comprehend not only the keyboard as a whole but the infinite possibilities for combining the keys creatively."
-- Ira Progoff, Ph.D., At a Journal Workshop: Writing to Access the Power of the Unconscious and Evoke Creative Ability

"For four decades, I have held both the Intensive Journal method and Education for Ministry program in an ongoing, intimate dialogue in my participation in meaning and truth. The approach to inner work which founder Ira Progoff has chosen for the Intensive Journal method has allowed me to know the full mystery of being human experientially in a progressively deepening way. The Education for Ministry program has helped me place my story within the story of the People of God. Together, the two programs have been the primary means by which I have been formed as a person in relationship with the Holy."
-- The Rev. Richard E. Brewer, EfM mentor, trainer, and author

Registration & Tuition

Entire workshop, Oct. 29–Nov.3
Residential rate: $1245 (includes tuition, single room with private bath for 5 nights, meals, and materials)
Commuter rate: $800 (includes tuition, meals, and materials; lodging not included)

Any single module (I, II, or III)
Residential rate: $365 (includes tuition, single room with private bath for 1 night, meals, and materials)
Commuter rate: $295 (includes tuition, meals, and materials; lodging not included)

Modules I & II, Oct. 29–Nov. 1
Residential rate: $780 (includes tuition, single room with private bath for 3 nights, meals, and materials)
Commuter rate: $570 (includes tuition, meals, and materials; lodging not included)

Modules II & III, Oct. 31–Nov. 3
Residential rate: $800 (includes tuition, single room with private bath for 4 nights, meals, and materials)
Commuter rate: $590 (includes tuition, meals, and materials; lodging not included)

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