Our Vision

We educate faith leaders who have a vision of a church where every Christian is supported in discerning why he or she was born—what unique gifts are theirs for the healing and restoration of the world—and where we all become adept at listening for and hearing the still small voice of God in such a way that it guides our choices and actions.  We are especially mindful of the church’s call to nurture these capacities in young people of every generation.

Our vision is of a church where teams of the faithful are called together by God to enact His future of peace and justice, and where we have frameworks to discern in community how our gifts combine to offer powerfully of God’s promises.

We believe that grounding in our sacred stories is the birthright of all the baptized. We see the church as a unique locale where the valuable life practice of theological reflection is learned and engaged by all, increasing the wisdom of the whole.  

We believe that the gift of the Holy Spirit blesses us with creativity and calls us to innovation. It is this that compels us to  teach lay leaders how to design the ministries they are called to enact using the techniques that empower some of the most advanced social innovations of our time, combined with age-old practices of the Christian contemplative tradition, i.e. good old-fashioned prayer!

We believe that there is power in healthy teams—teaching believers how to work together, be accountable to and respectful of one another. We provide training in relationship building, asset-mapping, and motivational techniques. We want to help believers get things done and do so in a way that is loving.

Finally, we believe if we take seriously the training of all the baptized in these and other essential practices of discipleship that the church and the world will benefit and God’s holy name will be glorified.