Our Team

Who We Are

For 43 years The Beecken Center has been an Episcopal center of learning for all the baptized. Our growing team stands ready to help you clarify your purpose and ministry, acquire the skills you will need to enact your ministry, and meet other people of faith who are committed to making a difference through the church.

Whether you are a diocese, a congregation, a new church plant, a college chaplaincy, an affinity group ministering to a specific need, or an individual in the process of discerning your personal ministry, we believe you will find many helpful resources and relationships through the programs center and feel welcomed and at home in our midst.

Our Team

Elsa Swift Bakkum
Associate Director for Training, Education for Ministry
E-mail esbakkum@sewanee.edu

Joshua Booher
Assistant Director of Education for Ministry
E-mail jdbooher@sewanee.edu

The Rev. Cindy Fribourgh
Program Director, SUMMA Theological Debate Society
E-mail summa@sewanee.edu

Sheri D. Kling, Ph.D
Associate Dean and Executive Director of the Beecken Center
E-mail sdkling@sewanee.edu

Karen Meridith
Executive Director of Education for Ministry
E-mail karen.meridith@sewanee.edu

Mary Parmer
Director, Invite Welcome Connect
E-mail mfparmer@sewanee.edu

Paul Schutz
Director of Marketing & Communications, The Beecken Center
E-mail pcschutz@sewanee.edu